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Strike the Blood

Afternoon readers! And today I bring you the action packed autumn 2013 show, Strike the Blood!! Yukina Himeragi & Kojou Akatsuki Our story begins with our main protagonist, Kojou Akatsuki, who is your ordinary high school student living on your not so average Itogami City, a man-made island off the coast of Japan that has a monster & demon populace. What?? Yes, this is a world where demons, monsters, and humans coexist (well I say that … [Read More...]

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Get a little Char history in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Blue-Eyed Casval

Man, I totally had no idea this was happening. Somehow I totally missed the news that there was a new OVA series coming out about some back story about our favorite Gundam characters. First up is the ever mysterious and charming Char Aznable in Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin I: The Blue-Eyed Casval. Born as Casval Rem Deikun, Char Aznable made his anime debut all the back in 1979, yet continues to be one of the most popular icons in anime, … [Read More...]

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Anime Heroine Tea Sets – Sailor Moon Inspired This Magically…

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, this Premium Bandai and Noritake tea cup and saucer have several details inspired by the anime heroine. The dainty set has Sailor Moon written inside the tea cup in an elegant gilded script in addition to other golden aspects. (c) Anime and Manga News - Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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Ear Candy!: HI SUHYUN, Stromae, Super Junior, Wagakki Band

Hello, everyone. I’m actually writing this in IE using Windows. This is honestly the first time I’ve ever done this, and so far the experience hasn’t been so terrible. Maybe I’ll be able to get over my long-held hatred of Windows! Or perhaps not. Lately, I’ve been listening to a heck of a lot of music. And rather than spamming my Facebook friends with my musical obsessions (as I’ve been doing recently), I … [Read More...]

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Water Pokemon Marshtomp looks confused as it becomes Japan’s latest Meme

Move over Espurr, a new memetic Pokemon as arrived! With the release of the new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, it seems that the second-stage starter Pokemon, Marshtomp, has become the latest meme to come out of Japan for its seemingly empty and confused look from the new games. While Espurr from Pokemon X...Read MoreThe post Water Pokemon Marshtomp looks confused as it becomes Japan’s latest Meme appeared first on … [Read More...]

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thewhalebaby: Cosplay: Ravio and Sheerow The Legend of Zelda: A…

thewhalebaby: Cosplay: Ravio and Sheerow The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds I love Zelda, and I loved Ravio in LoZ:aLBW. I also love Sheerow, because he is adorable (despite stripping your dead body of weapons after every crushing defeat). I actually made the Sheerow plush-puppet (post here) long before I made the rest of the outfit; I was trying to decide what to make for Dragon Con, and Ravio then crossed my mind. It was only natural … [Read More...]

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Rurouni Kenshin : Trust & Betrayal (Photoshoot)

If you’ve been following TheCosplayChronicles on Facebook, you’d be informed that I was in Manila (Philippines) last weekend! And what was I doing there? Other than hanging out with my crazy Filipino friends, it’s also to shoot Cosplay photo-shoots! 4 Photo-shoots jam packed into a short 5 Days 4 Nights (technically more like 4 1/4 days ) stay in Manila and I’m as alive as a Cockroach! I surprise myself sometimes XD Himura Battousai/Kenshin: … [Read More...]