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Hello, everyone. I have been away for a while (again!), attending university, writing midterms, attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese, and applying for internships in various places. But I’m back now! I really want to thank all of you who … [Read More...]

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Live-action My Love Story/ Ore Monogatari’s Takeo, Yamato, and Sunakawa are revealed

The romantic comedy anime, My Love Story, or Ore Monogatari!, has become one of this year’s most popular romance anime titles, but did you know that it is also getting itself a live-action movie? The upcoming movie’s official website has revealed the three actors portraying the main characters and released a new visual revealing them in...Read MoreThe post Live-action My Love Story/ Ore Monogatari’s Takeo, Yamato, and Sunakawa … [Read More...]

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Black History Month with Anime

Today is the last day of February, one of the shortest months of the year, and one that is filled with two holidays. Since I've already addressed Valentine's Day, I thought I'd take the time to talk a little bit about Black History Month. As you may or may not know, Black History Month is a holiday that is present in North America. It's a way to remember, celebrate, and appreciate the history of African-Americans. Instead of doing the normal way … [Read More...]

Shokugeki no Souma Episode 4

Souma officially became part of Polar Star Dormitory after passing the test impressively from Fumio Daimidou, the caretaker. OMG... Fumio having her foodgasm was hilarious and she was so hot when she was younger. I wish I can be a part of Polar Star Dormitory! this place looks so much fun!. Full of weirdos, a couple cute girls, and a cool old hag.There were so many new characters introduced this episode. I don't remember all of them, but there is … [Read More...]

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Dragon Quest VIII heading to 3DS without 3D

Dragon Quest VIII was one of the few PS2 RPGs that didn't suck. In a time where JRPGs saturated the 6th console generation especially on Sony's black monolith, Square Enix still knew how to produce cream that rose above the crap. Now it is making a resurrection on the 3DS. Yep a previous Sony exclusive is skipping PSN, PSVita, and returning on the 3DS with new party members, voice over, and quests. However recently Famitsu has reported that the … [Read More...]

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What is Hana Doki Kira?

Hello, everyone! I got an email a short time ago from Annie Stoll, one of the people behind an exciting new shoujo anthology, Hana Doki Kira! Hana Doki Kira is a shoujo anthology that’s being funded on Kickstarter. They’ve hired a diverse group of artists to do art, and everything looks so pretty and nice. What I like about the art style is that it looks completely different from stereotypical shoujo, and I really think that … [Read More...]

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[Video] Watch Vegeta fight Vegatables in a new Nissin cup ramen commercial

Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama, named his Saiyan characters with vegetables like Goku (Kakarot/ Carrot), Napa (Napa Cabbage), Raditz (Raddish), and of course, Vegeta, which is short for Vegetable. Now, Dragon Ball’s Saiyan prince is seen taking on vegetables being dropped by his wife, Bulma. The ad was shown to promote Nissin’s new cup ramen...Read MoreThe post [Video] Watch Vegeta fight Vegatables in a new Nissin cup ramen … [Read More...]

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Cosplay Costume & Wig shop (Love-Pop @ Osaka)

Being in the land of the rising sun brings about new surprises everyday for an Anime fan like me. Every corner seems to be hiding a treasure only an Otaku would appreciate. On my 2nd day in Osaka, while walking from Namba to Den Den Town, I chanced upon this Cosplay accessories shop in Namba area. Webpage: Address: ?????????2??6-1 ???3FloorTEL: 06-6648-5444Operating Hours: 11am - 8pm Google maps FTW! … [Read More...]