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Happy Birthday Luka Megurine!

Today is officially Luka Megurine's birthday! I decided to take time out of the day in order to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite Vocaloid characters, Luka.For more information on Luka Megurine and Vocaloid in general, check out the Vocaloid Wiki!I also wanted to thank you all for reading this post, and I invite you join me as I enjoy her birthday with music and images! Even if you're not a big Luka fan, maybe you will enjoy listening … [Read More...]

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Animator Expo’s eleventh short unleashes TRIGGER and Rikka’s kaiju

Wow. That was fast. I didn't expect to see Studio TRIGGER involved in another Animator Expo short. Unlike their previous piece, the company's teaming up with Studio Rikka (Time of Eve, Pale Cocoon) to bring us PP33: Power Plant No. 33, which is set in a city that's powered by a giant electric monster called Eleki-Magma (a.k.a. Kaiju No. 33). While Power Plant No. 33 features an intriguing concept and amazing designs, I felt that this idea … [Read More...]

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[Video] Fans choose which anime theme song from Noitamina are the best

As part of its 10th anniversary, Fuji TV‘s famous Noitamina Anime block, which has spawned the likes of Psycho-Pass, Honey & Clover, Terror in Resonance, Guilty Crown, AnoHana, and most recently, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, has polled its fans on which Noitamina anime theme songs are the ones they think is the very best....Read MoreThe post [Video] Fans choose which anime theme song from Noitamina are the best appeared … [Read More...]

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Initial Impression: Kamisama Kiss 2

Kamisama Kiss or Kamisama Hajimemashita is beginning it’s second season!! For those people who haven’t watched the first season yet, let me get you up to speed. Nanami is a high school girl who left home because of her father’s debts.  While sitting in the park one day she meets the person that would change her life. Mikage offers for Nanami to stay at his house after she happens to save him. What Nanami doesn’t know is that Mikage is the … [Read More...]

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Rejoice: Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax goes West

Well, folks. I've said it a couple times, and I'll say it again: Hell has officially frozen over, people! This time around, Sega's smacked us with an unexpected announcement, as Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax heads West for the PS3 and Vita this summer. In terms of release format, North America's getting the physical and digital treatment, with Europe having to settle with a digital option. As for the reasoning Sega localizing the game, my guess … [Read More...]

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