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I remember my father bringing home a box of Japanese confectionery one time. And upon lifting the lid open with my siblings, we stared in awe at its contents. Within it were little individually packaged colourful sweets, sitting neatly in their designated place within the box. Despite there being a leaflet explaining the different sweets, none of us understood Japanese and I forgot to put some research into it, until today. Wagashi (???) is a … [Read More...]

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Anime Blog Thoughts: Personality and Blogging

When I started this blog, I didn't really think of it too much, in regards to me as the writer. I always thought that taking care of the blog mattered more than how I was feeling or the content of my thoughts at the time. When I look at my old blog posts, I notice differences in how I wrote, how I thought, and the lingering emotion behind my words. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was bad, and other times it was just mediocre. Looking upon … [Read More...]

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Nisekoi Monogatari

Nisekoi Monogatari collaboration movie to celebrate Shaft 40th anniversaryNisekoi Monogatari Promotional Video ?ClariS - Clear Sky?SHAFT PLEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE!!! >,<" (c) Shizuo Nyan - Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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Black Ghost beware: Cyborg 009 gets a new anime

Back when Toonami had a weekday afternoon block, I caught the 2001 Cyborg 009 anime on TV. One of the things that kept me watching was the main cast's battle against Black Ghost, since they had to deal with their issues that came from being turned into cyborgs by the evil organization. Fast forward to the present, and Ishimori Productions, the company behind a majority of Shotaro Ishinomori's works (Cyborg 009's original creator, the Kamen Rider … [Read More...]

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Main character in new Tokyo Ghoul PS Vita game is designed by manga creator Sui Ishida himself

Tokyo Ghoul is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most popular anime and manga series these days, and it is getting itself a new game for the PlayStation Vita. The 18th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine has unveiled new details on this Tokyo Ghoul video game titled, Tokyo Ghoul Masquerader, and it announced that...Read MoreThe post Main character in new Tokyo Ghoul PS Vita game is designed by manga creator Sui Ishida himself appeared first … [Read More...]

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Sweet! Boomslank’s "Zero Frame" and "Ronin" shirts get reprinted

Listen up, people; our pals at Boomslank have decided to reprint two shirts recently. In case you missed out on purchasing their "Zero Frame" and/or "Ronin" shirt, the two apparels have returned to their store. Best of all, the former has undergone a fancy new change, which'll please anyone who's interested in owning the group's mecha-themed shirt. Compare to the group's previous "Zero Frame" shirt, the robot gets a new upgrade and the pilot's … [Read More...]

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