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Have your Million Arthur fanfics and illustrations featured in the game, turned into official canon, with the SGMA Anime Award

Cherry Credits, in partnership with Starhub, has some good news to all those fan fiction writers and aspiring illustrators out there with the Singapore Million Arthur Anime Award (SGMA). The award will celebrate both the literary and illustrative talents in Singapore. Shortlisted writers and artists will have the prestige of seeing their work alongside world-famous illustrators within...Read MoreThe post Have your Million Arthur fanfics and … [Read More...]

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GameStart 2014 – Post Event Write-up

Hello everyone, the last few weeks had been hectic for me as I was tying up the loose end at work before my soon-to-arrive departure later this week, thus I didn’t have the time to write any articles, and for that I am terribly sorry about. While it’s been a while since it has passed, I still remember the sights and sound (not to mention the sheer crowd) of GameStart 2014 which happened on the 25th and 26th of October, at Suntec City … [Read More...]

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Blog Update November 2014

Hello everyone! Today's post will be pretty short. I haven't made many updates to my website recently, but I have a lot planned for the future! Please stay tuned, as I plan to do a lot of revamps, and overall make things a little easier to navigate. Any suggestions or user feedback would be greatly appreciated as well!So for the Blog Update this time, I'd just like to announce that I've finally gotten around to creating a simple FAQ page. It can … [Read More...]

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Annotated Anime: Log Horizon 2 episode 8

Ever done a raid just to kill one mob? Of course not, that's weird. But it's what the Maidens of Watermaple just did. And in doing so, they've saved Akihabara, as well as netted Akatsuki some phat loot. Read more... (c) Japanator - Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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Clamp’s Top 10 greatest mangas according to Japanese women

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the legendary four-member group of manga creators known as Clamp, Japanese women’s website, MyNavi Woman has asked its female readers which Clamp manga is their favorite. Clamp mangas are best known for being targeted to women, and this poll by MyNavi Woman has indeed asked the legenday manga group’s target audience. They have plenty...Read MoreThe post Clamp’s Top 10 greatest mangas … [Read More...]

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unfragmentdecoy: reistar: Went to Disneyland and Disneybound…

unfragmentdecoy: reistar: Went to Disneyland and Disneybound with Unfragmentdecoy as Baymax and Hiro Hamada! Had the greatest opportunity to go to the meet and greet which was our all time favorite day. Also a closer look of my outfit. I made the shirt and the jacket myself! Embroidered edges on my jacket. All of the cast members we came across went nuts over the battery, I loved it! So proud of it. SO SICK!! … [Read More...]